National Bank of Poland


Information campaign “Nie daj się nabrać. Sprawdź, zanim podpiszesz” [“Don't fall for it. Check before you sign”]



Scope of work:

  • developing a strategy for a public information campaign warning of the risks related to the activities of shadow banking
  • implementing an integrated campaign across multiple channels (ATL, BTL, digital), in particular: developing a script and producing TV and radio spot, including the accompanying photo shoot for the campaign, creating a dedicated website and a Borrower’s Guide, creating a series of testimonials, presenting the stories of the victims of fringe banking, for the daily newspapers and glossy magazines


  • integrated campaign lasted several years and received wide coverage in local and national media
  • potential victims of shadow banking received a base of practical knowledge that enabled them to defend themselves against unfair commercial practices leading into bankruptcy
  • we explained the basic differences between legal and illegal financial practices; we pointed out what to look out for when applying for a loan, so that you do not end up with fatal consequences for your decisions
  • public awareness of the dangerous and high-risk activities of non-banking companies offering usurious financial services has increased

Social campaigns are not only a rewarding subject for implementation, but, above all, an important element of Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency’s activity, also from the perspective of corporate social responsibility.

That is why we were very pleased to win a tender which enabled us to implement the “Nie daj się nabrać. Sprawdź, zanim podpiszesz” [“Don’t fall for it. Check before you sign”] information campaign, under the auspices of the National Bank of Poland and 7 other government institutions (including the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection). The aim of the campaign was to inform the public about the negative consequences of using services of shadow banking – various companies offering quick loans on simplified terms (so-called instant loans).

In order for such a campaign to produce results, it had to be large-scale and include most of the available communication channels (BTL, ATL, digital). This goal was achieved thanks to the integrated activities of Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency, which provided a number of specific tools to help potential customers of quasi-banks to gain practical knowledge on how to protect themselves from such fraudulent activities, which in turn could affect their entire lives.