TDJ Estate


Website of Dobrynów housing project



Scope of work:

  • design and implementation of the website www.dobrynow.pl for Dobrynów estate
  • implementation, in cooperation with 3D Estate, of an interactive mock-up allowing the selection of a specific apartment with the possibility of a virtual walk-through


  • thanks to the efforts of our web design specialists, one of TDJ Estate’s current developments has received a modern and user-friendly website.
  • a virtual 3D mock-up, created in collaboration with 3D Estate, makes it easier for customers to choose the apartment they are interested in (with the possibility to take a virtual walk-through), resulting in positive sales results.

For many years, TDJ Estate has entrusted the Yellow Crocodiles agency from Katowice with the creative service of its housing investments. We have been present since the day one at the construction of Osiedle Franciszkańskie, we have created the framework of the marketing communication for Zielona Dolina and Wieszowa estates, and since last year we have been supporting Dobrynów estate in the southern, green part of Katowice metropolitan area.

In order to support the TDJ Estate team in the accomplishment of sales plans for the new housing estate, we designed and implemented a modern website, eye-catching with its modular character, where among 15 modules, forming fully responsive subpages, we included: the idea of Dobrynów estate, its assets and location, as well as the sales offer for each flat. The website reflects the character of the estate itself – it refers to nature, ecology, community building and the idea of mindfulness.

The icing on the cake is the 3D Estate’s 3D mock-up of the development, designed by 3D Estate and implemented by us on the website, which allows for a number of interactive activities, just like in Google Earth. The user – and potential apartment buyer – is able to view both the entire development and select a specific apartment, with the option of taking a virtual walk through it.

The coronavirus pandemic has given impetus to the sales departments of, among others, property developers and creative agencies that support them to take an even greater interest in new technologies. Today, it is possible to relocate without moving. TDJ Estate is an excellent example of how to build and sell modern, people- and environment-friendly estates, and Yellow Crocodiles is an excellent example of how to create nice-looking and functional websites. Here is a perfect synergy.