Company website with online shop



Scope of work:

  • implementation of the website www.slappa. co for the Släppa company


  • the website has helped the company to enter the marketplace and build awareness of the new brand and the ethical business it runs
  • thanks to an online shop on the website we launched, Släppa’s organic products are available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

From the outset, Släppa, which is making its debut on the market, has been more than just a shop selling eco-friendly cleaning products in water-soluble tablets for use in reusable bottles. It was intended by its creators – people for whom the fate of our planet and a high quality of life in accordance with certain values are important – to be a pretext for building environmental awareness and sparking discussion about what each of us and all of us together can do to save an Earth drowning in plastic.

As a result, the website we implemented featured the brand message in addition to the Släppa products themselves (cleaning tablets and glass bottles, available as a one-off purchase or a renewable subscription): “Add your drop”, as well as a reading area with lots of thought-provoking information and interesting facts about ecology.

The website was implemented based on an aesthetic and minimalist design with a droplet theme, which was prepared by friendly designer Amanda Walaszek. We like this kind of trendy, streamlined design – soft colours, transparency and eye-catching modern lettering. And above all – we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for ethical business and the success of Släppa!