Leks sp. z o.o.


promoting the Leks2ab brand and strengthening its image



Scope of work:

  • taking actions to strengthen (and in some channels create from scratch) the brand image of Leks2ab bread
  • creating a brand hero
  • presenting the brand strategy in social media, taking into account the nutritional value of ancient wheat bread, health certifications, etc.
  • running brand profiles in social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • inventing and moderating consumer competitions in social media


  • we have succeeded in getting the message across to consumers that Leks2ab is a stand-alone brand (available in the Biedronka retail chain), offering high-quality, certified bread, based on traditional recipes
  • character of Leksymir, the ancient baker, was created as a bridge between history and the present day, and as a guide to the world of brands and baked goods made from 2ab ancient wheat
  • website www.pradawnapszenica.pl has been refreshed with a new graphic design and a lot of new content, with an emphasis on practical knowledge about bread, its production and nutrients
  • we have dispelled a number of myths and stereotypes about bread and its contribution to a balanced daily diet
  • we developed the social media of the Leks2ab brand (from less than 400 to more than 4000 fans and more than 2.5 million displays on Facebook) and organised a photo competition with valuable prizes, which was very popular among fans
  • all integrated actions were carried out in just 6 months

What to do in the case of a bread brand that is poorly recognisable (available practically only in one chain of shops – Biedronka), does not have its own identity or modern means of reaching customers (both current and potential) for the 21st century. It is best to start… from the beginning.

Leks entrusted us with a complex service – from the creation of the strategy to its execution in various communication channels – the axis of which was certified bread, produced from the ancient 2ab wheat variety, which has a number of nutritional and health-promoting values. For the purposes of this communication, we created a brand hero – the ancient baker Leksymir, who acts as a guide through the world of Leks2ab brand, answers questions and dispels doubts. In addition, we have also invited an expert to join the project – a clinical dietician who has debunked a number of myths related to the eating of bread and its role in a daily balanced diet.

Thanks to Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency, the brand’s new website was launched and the company’s social media were given a boost with a significant increase in fans. Equipped with such a variety of essential marketing communication tools, the Leks 2ab brand has gained its rightful identity, which we hope will allow it to go out into wide waters.