Netto Polska


Employer Branding campaign + ongoing creative support for the HR Department



Scope of work:

  • creating a strategy
  • media purchase
  • outdoor campaign
  • image video spots
  • sponsored articles in daily newspapers
  • promotional materials (printed)
  • dedicated website: www.kariera.netto.pl


  • reaching a wide audience
  • providing practical, useful knowledge for candidates applying to work in Netto
  • strengthening Netto Polska’s image as a responsible and friendly employer
  • extending cooperation with Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency for the entire creative service of the HR Department

Netto Polska, in recognition of few years of cooperation in the field of production and logistics of promotional materials (weekly leaflets, POS materials, etc.), entrusted the Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency with the design and implementation of an Employer Branding campaign of local and nationwide range, aimed at promoting the company as a responsible, modern and friendly employer.

The characters of the campaign were Netto employees – at the shop, warehouse and office level – who spoke about their careers in the company, its values and the benefits that candidates applying for a job at Netto could count on. This allowed to keep the message authentic and credible, and to show the “human face of work” in Netto.

The campaign was also accompanied by a dedicated website created by us, www.kariera.netto.pl, informing about working conditions in Netto, employee development opportunities, communication within the company and recruitment stages.

The campaign, which lasted several months, met with a great response and was so well received that the client entrusted the Katowice-based advertising agency Yellow Crocodiles with permanent support for Netto Poland’s HR Department, resulting in a portfolio of graphically coherent materials addressed to the company’s employees (e-books, leaflets, instructions, infographics, animations), designed to make their daily work easier. These materials have been appreciated by Netto headquarters in Denmark – they plan to implement these on a central level, as well as in other countries where Netto operates.