APSYS Polska


website of Galeria Katowicka shopping centre



Scope of work:

  • designing the website in accordance with current key visual and giving it a modern character
  • optimising the website load speed
  • adjusting the content for search engines, according to precise SEO specialists’ guidelines
  • preparing English version of the website (including translation of the content into English)
  • implementing new functionalities, thus making the website easier to use
  • website implementation and tests (e.g. in cooperation with UX/UI specialists)
  • service and current supervision over the correct functioning of the website


  • website has a refreshed, more up-to-date look
  • significant improvement in the site loading speed
  • better results in positioning the site, which has become more search engine friendly
  • functionality of the site has increased considerably, thanks to the application of several new, innovative solutions, previously absent (e.g. interactive map of car parking, gift list, advanced search engine).

Designing a new website for Galeria Katowicka – the largest shopping centre in the heart of Upper Silesia’s capital city – was a large, ambitious and multi-level undertaking, requiring the efforts of the entire team and cooperation with experts from various industries.

On the one hand, the client wanted a modern, eye-catching graphic design, and on the other hand – the implementation of many unique functionalities, taking into account not only the large number of shops and service outlets in the Gallery, but also its exceptional location in the central part of Katowice, in the direct vicinity of the railway and bus station.

The implementation of this task was a complete success – visitors to the site praise the many new solutions that are not available at the competition, such as an interactive plan of the gallery (including car parks), an extensive search engine with keywords and an auto-suggester, the possibility of making appointments with stylists and completing gift lists, as well as continuously updated cinema and theatre repertoires.

The website is fully bilingual (PL/ANG), adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and fully responsive on all mobile devices.