Grupa Zamet S.A.


rebranding and creating new visual identity for Zamet Group companies



Scope of work:

  • comprehensive brand rebranding, preceded by a detailed audit
  • creating a coherent visual identity for all Group companies
  • designing and implementing four websites, including the main corporate website


  • on the basis of the conducted audit, and then implemented changes, Zamet Group S.A. underwent comprehensive rebranding, redefining its identity, relations with employees and stakeholders
  • each of the four companies comprising the Group was given a coherent visual identity, emphasising on the one hand its individual character and on the other its belonging to the common parent company.

Zamet Group is a nationally and internationally recognised manufacturer of large steel structures, machinery and equipment for industry, with over 200 years of experience behind it. Its constituent companies serve customers in the oil and gas, mining, handling, metallurgy, infrastructure and food industries.

Along with the dynamic development and expansion of the activity areas, a need arose to create a new visual identification consistent within the entire Group. This task was preceded by a detailed audit, thanks to which it was possible to define the brand identity and common values underlying relations inside and outside the company. Therefore, it was not only a change of graphic symbols, but also expressing through them the pillars on which the operations and, consequently, the company’s communication is based. An important element of the whole long-term project was also the creation of an image and brand management system, including the determination of tools, rules of their use, procedures, as well as competencies of individual organisational units and specific people in this area.

The dot over the “i” was put by the IT Department of the Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency, which designed and then implemented the main corporate website www.zametsa.com and the websites of three companies constituting the Group.