Ministry of Finance


information campaign “Biało-czerwoni biorą paragony” [“The White and Reds take the receipts”]



Scope of work:

  • developing a script and realizing a TV spot for the campaign informing about the economic benefits of giving and taking receipts for the purchase of goods and services
  • supporting the National Lottery with valuable prizes to be won
  • educating the public on desirable consumer attitudes and habits


  • 13 million receipts were registered during the campaign
  • according to the Ministry of Finance, VAT income in the bonus industries increased by 13 per cent during the campaign
  • measurable educational effect (58 per cent of people surveyed declared that the campaign had convinced them to collect receipts, 24 per cent more respondents said they would demand a receipt from the shop assistants)
  • campaign won the Golden Arrow honourable mention and was voted the best B2C integrated campaign of 2017.

The successful implementation of the “Nie daj się nabrać. Sprawdź, zanim podpiszesz” [“Don’t fall for it. Check before you sign”] campaign resulted in the selection of the Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency as the contractor for another promotional spot, this time for the “Biało-czerwoni biorą paragony” [“The White and Reds take the receipts”] campaign.

The spot was shot in the spirit of supporting the Polish national team (the pretext was the EURO 2016 football championships and the Olympic Games), but the overriding aim of the campaign was to educate the public on the benefits (for both sellers and buyers) of giving and receiving receipts. Thanks to tax revenues a number of investments are financed at local and national level, benefiting all citizens.

The campaign (and the accompanying video spot) was part of the National Receipt Lottery, which had measurable effects, both financial and educational. It was worth it!