JBB Bałdyga


ongoing brand support in social media



Scope of work:

  • introducing the brand and its products to the world of social media
  • promoting JBB products during EURO 2016 championship
  • strengthening sales of JBB products in B2B channels


  • JBB Bałdyga brand has strongly marked its presence in social media – we have managed to gather an active Facebook community with more than 75,000 fans (second place among all cold meat brands in Poland)
  • we have developed an effective communication strategy, exploiting the following niches: snacks for children and party snacks
  • we have published five cookbooks with our own recipes including JBB products
  • we created a dedicated landing page “Fans’ Cuisine”, which recorded over 10,000 hits
  • we organised a promo action, using a mobile application, which resulted in a 12 per cent increase in sales during the action

There is a strong competition in the food industry, especially among producers of cold cuts and meats, which cannot be managed without an active presence where customers are most visible today – in social media. That is why the family-owned Polish cured meat company JBB Bałdyga, based in Łyse (northern part of Poland) – currently one of the leading cured meat producers in Poland – entrusted the Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency with creating social media channels from scratch and, consequently, gathering a community of fans and enthusiasts of the JBB Bałdyga brand around them.

This has been achieved with great success, as evidenced by both hard numbers and the scope and quality of the content posted. Fans of the JBB Bałdyga brand in social media can not only learn about the product portfolio, but also discover new, original recipes (accompanied by dedicated photo sessions by Yellow Crocodiles photographers), learn about the openings of new JBB Bałdyga partner shops or take part in numerous competitions with prizes.

JBB Bałdyga also entrusted us with other tasks: promotion of JBB products on the occasion of the EURO 2016 European Football Championship or increasing sales in B2B channels. In the former case, we have created a dedicated landing page “’Fans’ Cuisine” with recipes for snacks, ideal for consumption during the match; in the latter, we have created a special mobile application.

JBB Bałdyga has not said its last word yet, it is still developing and we have the honour to accompany it on this journey.