Ministry of Finance


information campaign “Komu w drogę, temu e-TOLL”



Scope of work:

  • writing a script and producing a TV and radio spot for the Ministry of Finance information campaign on the new e-TOLL road toll system, which replaced the previous viaTOLL system
  • preparing animations explaining the main principles of the new system and its benefits
  • designing materials supporting the campaign in various communication channels (both print and digital), together with their printing and distribution throughout the country


  • for the purposes of the campaign we managed to attract two ambassadors – well-known rally/race drivers who made the message even more attractive and credible.
  • drivers affected by the change of the toll system were not only informed about the change, but also received a practical handbook with the rules of its operation and possibilities of registration and tolls on specific sections of A2 and A4 motorways.

The Yellow Crocodiles advertising agency won a tender to produce a TV and radio spot for the Ministry of Finance’s information campaign, the aim of which was to communicate to car drivers (primarily lorry drivers) the entry into force of the new e-TOLL road toll system, which replaced the previously applicable viaTOLL.

As many questions and doubts arose around this change, our task was to provide, by means of eye-catching communication tools, a knowledge in a nutshell about the e-TOLL system, with particular emphasis on its location (A2/A4), principles of operation, and the possibility of choosing a method of vehicle registration in the new system.

This effect was achieved through a dynamic spot shot at toll gates, with the main characters being famous Polish rally and racing drivers – a man and a woman. The campaign was complemented with printed materials (billboards, posters, leaflets, wobblers), available at toll points and Tax Administration Chambers), and computer animations for online use.